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Do you want to restore old photos?

Not sure of the best method to organize your printed photos?

Looking for Digital photo organizations ideas?

Custom photo organization services may be the answer!

How to start:  Organize old photos

Always start with your oldest photos first.  See if you can identify the individuals in the photos. Dating the photos through knowledge of your genealogy, the age of the individuals, and the styles you see them wearing.  Be sure to look for visual clues in the background of your photo. Printed Photo Organization includes culling, organizing, and adding descriptions.

Tip #1 for Creating a Photo Collection Legacy

Photo Organization


Supplies?                       sorting?  

 Storage?                                  Sharing?

Getting started can be overwhelming as it brings up more questions than answers!   Let us help you get some of​ those questions answered and start you out on turning your photo chaos into your treasured photo collection

Treasured Photo Collections
Treasured Photo Collections
Treasured Photo Collections
Treasured Photo Collections

Connection to the Past - Repurpose the Present!

I was thrilled to be on The Change Zone

I talked about Possessions Papers and Photos

I believe our connections to the past should be saved with stories, family history and the photos!   Not all photos are album worthy!

Life is about those we love,​

sharing stories, and creating memories. 

Photos are about tho​se we love,

sharing stories, and saving memories

Do you want organized and searchable photos?

What about your slides, VHS Tapes and Audio tapes?

We specialize in getting family photos back into your life by creating a photo collection legacy for you.

Our Mission

Connect Generations of Families through their genealogy, stories, and photos. Creating Searchable Cherishable photo Collections.

Photo Restoration

The restoration of a old photo can strengthen the connection to your family member in the photo.  The original then can be preserved to slow down any further deterioration.  This allows you to display the new photo digitally, on canvas, or in a modern frame.  The options are endless and only limited by your imagination. Old photo restoration services can also include colorization.

Tip #2 for Creating a Photo Collection Legacy

Restore and preserve

Your Old Photos

Gordon McIntosh

Gordon V. McIntosh

1927 - 2017 Photo Legacy Collection

Have you recently inherited

 family photos and memorabilia?


More and more people are dealing

 with multi-generation collections. 

Often containing family heirlooms, photos, and memorabilia going back

 a 100 years or more. 

Overwhelmed by all these

heritage items many family are left  wondering  how they can downsize and still

 honour their family's past.

We are experts in culling, organizing, and creating treasured photo collections for those we serve.

WWII James D. McIntosh

James D. McIntosh

1924 - 1944 Photo Legacy Collection

Trained, Certified, and Experienced in Photo Management

Specializing in Multi-Generational Photo Collections

Where you come first
Certified Photo Manager - Karen Murdock

Family Digital Photo Organization

The number one recommendation is to have all your important family's photos and memorabilia digitized or photographed.  This will allow you to have an easy to search system using keywords, tagging, and facial recognition.  Saved and backed up you can share with family all over the globe. 

Tip #3 for Creating a Photo Collection Legacy

Photo Digitization

Private Collection of Photo Karen

Hilda Elsie Hanson Bell

Headingley, MB

We Love Photo Mysteries!

Do you have vintage photos that are a mystery to you?

 Let us follow the clues in your multi-generational collection to help you bring your genealogy, stories, 

and photos together as the ultimate family heirloom.

Every photo has a story just waiting to be told. You may be amazed at what you will discover. 

The picture on the left is my grandmother, Hilda Elsie Bell, (nee Hanson)  proudly displaying blooms from her garden. From the background we were able to figure out it was from the time she lived on Dodds Road in Headingley, MB. Now, thanks to this picture I have a photo to accompany that chapter of her story.  The house dress she is wearing is very typical of a 1940s dress worn on Sundays. Long sleeves, pockets, belted and hangs to just pass her knees.

 Born in Oslo, Norway on June 10, 1900 she came as a child to Canada and passed away December 30, 1987. Thanks to research, I was able to find the apartment where her family lived

 when she was born.   I also have her government approved paper showing she had her vaccines as a baby along with other documents, acquired through censuses and vital statistics her story is slowly coming   together. I heard she was once a flapper!

 Even the scandalous information that she was pregnant with my Uncle Jack when she got married. Something my mother didn't even know until after my Grandma Bell's death. Something that by today's standard is very normal at that time would have been scandalous!

I was blessed to have her in my life and she was truly the matriarch or our family. I loved to visit her with my mom on Sundays and I remember her living room library that extended across one wall and was mostly full of Harlequin Romances.

Karen Murdock Certified Photo Manager

Karen McIntosh Murdock - Photo Karen

Certified Photo Manager

Karen Murdock 

Certified Photo Manager

The Original

Your Organized Friend

Do you believe, as I do, in the power of photos? 

 Growing up I knew my "Uncle Jimmy's story", as did all my cousins.  Uncle Jimmy became a prisoner of war captured on D-Day, he was executed two days later on June 8, 1944. My dad's 18th birthday.  But, his mother, my grandmother,  along with his four brothers (including my dad) and five sisters kept his story alive for us by sharing his story and displaying and sharing his photos.

   Every family members home proudly displayed a photo of Uncle Jimmy on the living room wall. Only 20 years old at the time of his death he has lived on in our hearts because of the power of stories, genealogy, and photos. That was the beginning of my passion for helping everyone organize and manage their photos.

 Remember someday your photos will be

 someone's heritage photos. 

printed PHOTOS

Do Your Printed Photos Need 

* Sorting * Categorizing * Digitizing * Organizing

* Enhancing * Digital Restoration * Archiving * 

digital PHOTOS

Do Your Digital Photos Need

* Sorting * Categorizing * Backup System * Editing* Organizing

* Enhancing * Restoration * File and Folder Structures * Facial Recognition * 

organized PHOTOS

Share Your Photos

​* Photo Books * Family History Books * Dementia Memory Books *

* Cards * Home Decor * Calendar * Family Website *

* Slide Shows * Maintenance Plans *  Scrapbooks

SuPearlative Awards

2020 - 2021 SuPearlative Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year

The SuPearlative Awards recognize special women for their gifts of integrity, kindness, determination, 

success and tenacity.

The Owner of Treasured Photo Collections, Karen Murdock,

was honoured and humbled to win Entrepreneur of the Year

 at a Gala held on November 13, 2021.

Special thank you to Joanna Starko, JoStar Interiors, 

 the Sponsor for my category,

 Wolfe Cadillac Edmonton SuPearlative Trophy Sponsor,

 Hillberg & Berk Pearl Sponsor, Gem Gallerie Nominee Gift Pendant Sponsor

 and Dr. Haidong Liang, Executive Director for the Westend Senior Activity Centre for the beautiful Flowers.

Coffee is always on!

I w​ant to create a photo collection!

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